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In fact, Zimbardo was called as an expert witness in the defense of an Abu Ghraib guard and gained access to many photographs of abuse for the case. Perhaps what makes these prior reflections so reparative is that the volume appeared in , a full year before the first Abu Ghraib photographs came to light.

But perhaps the flatness of the images is precisely what we need. The photographs might enable us to look at an indescribable event, to make it manageable, frame it, bring it home, show it to friends, make it small enough to fit into our living rooms or even our pockets. Flattening and miniaturizing death is a coping strategy—we look at the remains of the towers, at the missing people, through the viewfinder rather than straight on.

Hirsch Instead, they point up a kind of guilt that most Americans would perhaps want to deny. What nearly every article about the torture photos from Abu Ghraib would state, by way of warning, is that the photos are graphic in nature, traumatizing in their very gore and realism. However, there is something else going on here, too: another traumatic shock comes from the recognition that the American faces looking back at us could very easily be us, how eagerly we may have responded the same way under similar circumstances. What would it mean to think of ourselves, the witnesses to these atrocities, as fully capable of perpetuating the same horrific treatment, or simply the innocent posturing that has now become the legacy of U.

As the Abu Ghraib photos of Harman show, the war is closer than we like to believe—it is at our fingertips, writ large in the blink of an eye.

Canadian's and Others’ Convictions to Divine Interventionism

To return to the Richard Drew example, when Paula Zahn for CNN asked Drew how he feels about taking the photographs of the people falling, he responds:. You have to tell the story. These photos were made to be seen. Avery, Dylan. Loose Change: Final Cut. Caruth, Cathy. Connecticut Review Chase, Cynthia. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, DeLillo, Don. Foer, Jonathan Safran.

Boston: Houghton Mifflin, Gourevitch, Philip and Errol Morris. Greenberg, Judith ed.

Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, Hirsch, Marianne. Family Frames: Photography, Narrative, and Postmemory. Cambridge: Harvard UP, Judith Greenberg ed. Lincoln: U of Nebraska Press, , Hufschmid, Eric. Painful Deceptions. Kalaidjian, Walter. Kaplan, E. Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, , Kennedy, Christopher. Encouragement for a Man Falling to His Death. Ennui Prophet. Going After Cacciato New York: Broadway Books, The Things They Carried. New York: Penguin Books, Ramazani, Jahan. Chicago: U of Chicago P, Rothberg, Michael.

Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P, Seuss, Diane. September 11, American Writers Respond.


Bill Heyen ed. Singer, Henry. Online video clip.

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Sontag, Susan. Regarding the Pain of Others. New York: Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux, Woolf, Virginia. Three Guineas Zahn, Paula. Zimbardo, Philip. New York: Random House, Journal dedicated to the study of intertextual and intermedial echoes in the literature and the arts of the English-speaking world. Contents - Previous document.

Trauma and Witness. Full text PDF Send by e-mail. Bibliography Avery, Dylan. The Body Artist. New York: Scribner, Falling Man. Junod, Tom. Esquire 8 September Esquire 30 January Esquire 9 September Personal Interview.

Phd Robert L Anderson

Top of page. Follow us RSS feed. In the girdle was an ivory-handled knife, which had doubtless given as many scars as its owner displayed.

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If he had not spoken I might not have turned; but having turned I could not but notice two things. Louis jerked back from me, as if I might try to read the soiled note in his hand, and in raising the paper displayed on the back the stamp of the commissariat department from Quebec Citadel.

Neither Laplante's suppressed surprise, nor my observations of his movement, escaped the big squaw. She came quickly round the fire to us both. Half in jest, half in earnest, just as Louis used to be punished at the seminary, she gave him a prompt box on the ear. He took it in perfect good-nature.

And the whole encampment laughed.

Innocent Killer

The squaw went back to the other side of the fire. Laplante leaned forward and threw the paper towards the flames; but without his knowledge, he overshot the mark; and when the trader was looking elsewhere the big squaw stooped, picked up the coveted note and slipped it into her skirt pocket. I told him my errand, and that I wished to search every wigwam for trace of the lost woman and child.

He listened with shut eyes.

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Go ahead! What do you want of me? I thought at least a spark of the man would suggest that without my speaking," I broke out hotly. He was on his feet with an alacrity that brought old Paul Larocque round to my side and the squaw to his. For a moment I was uncertain whether he were addressing the woman or myself. Here, Gillespie, I'll do the tents with you.

Moondravathu Kan [Epi-457] -"The Hidden Secretes Behind Maayamma" - Kanyakumari, TN

Get off with you," he muttered at the squaw, rumbling out a lingo of persuasive expletives; and he led the way to the first wigwam. But the squaw was not to be dismissed; for when I followed the Frenchman, she closed in behind looking thunder, not at her abuser, but at me; and The Mute, fearing foul play and pole in hand, loyally brought up the rear of our strange procession.

I shall not retail that search through robes and skins and blankets and boxes, in foul-smelling, vermin-infested wigwams. It was fruitless. I only recall the lowering face of the big [Pg 50] squaw looking over my shoulder at every turn, with heavy brows contracted and gashed lips grinning an evil, malicious challenge. I thought she kept her hands uncomfortably near the ivory handle in the agate belt; but Larocque, good fellow, never took his beady eyes off those same hands and kept a grip of the leaping pole. Thus we examined the tents and made a circuit of the people round the fire, but found nothing to reveal the whereabouts of Miriam and the child.

Laplante and I were on one side of the robe, Larocque and the squaw on the other. The fire cracked so loudly I became aware there was ominous silence among the loungers of the camp.