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Though neither KFC nor Ultra have commented, there is no plausible explanation except that this was a paid advertisement.

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The masked DJ, tasked with stoking said crowd, surely thankful for the wearable Colonel Sanders bobblehead in spite of the heat, given that its thin fiberglass membrane was the only thing separating him from the total forfeiture of every last shred of dignity. And, finally, the anonymous producers commissioned to compose the ostensibly endorphin-goosing anthem that served as the sonic lynchpin of the whole sorry affair. But to sully the livestream with DJ Colonel Sanders right before a set from SOPHIE —a post-genre, transgender musician with a breathtakingly iconoclastic take on pop, whose music was the most experimental sound heard all weekend—feels frankly offensive.

But the move turned off fans and artists including Marshmello , who took to social media to voice their displeasure. Despite its tongue-in-cheek spin, this pivot to sponsored content violated the one thing that was supposedly sacred: the authenticity of the talent onstage.

Paris roads are also filled with potholes and sewer grates, making the Downtown area less pleasing to walk and drive through. As a result, numerous restaurants and businesses have closed due to lack of customers. How do we do it better?

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The Windy Corner, a restaurant just north of Lexington, has stayed open due to how accommodating it is for people. If you consider the sidewalks or roads hazardous, you can make a difference by contacting your local code enforcement officer and reporting the issue.


Hey, I'm Sophia. I'm a freshman, and this is my first year on the paper. I enjoy playing guitar, drawing, and time on Twitter. I'm also a Girl Scout, a View Results. Youth Leadership.

Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. Bottled in Bond Straight Kentucky Rye

Senior Night under the Lights. Bourbon Goes to Bands of America. Suicide Prevention Week.

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Le Petit Colonel. November 14 Quote of the Day for November 9, "A person that truly loves you will never let you go no matter how hard the situation is.

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September 26 Weather Interferes with Bonfire. Homecoming Bonfire Cancelled.

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