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Mistaking Guanyin and her assistant Hui An for humans, the pig-headed demon attacked them. Guanyin persuaded him to become a Buddhist and wait for the pilgrim to India, so that he could atone his sins by accompanying the pilgrimage. Next, Guanyin met a water daemon who had also been a general of the Celestial Court but expelled for breaking a precious glass pot.

Upon learning her identity, the demon begged to be allowed to become a Buddhist to atone his sins. Guanyin accepted him into Buddhism and gave him the Buddhist name of Zhu Bajie. When she saw a dragon tied up and hang in the air to be executed, Guanyin went to the Celestial Court and asked the dragon be released to her, so that she could change the dragon into a horse suitable to carry the pilgrim to India. Her wish was duly granted. Chapters The emperor had bought his way back to life by borrowing from the treasure accumulated by an elderly pious Buddhist couple.

A Buddhist high priest countered that the three teachings Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism were equally sacred and should not be suppressed or persecuted. The emperor agreed with the priest. Emperor Tai Zong wished to find a most holy priest to read the scriptures to open his new temple. Xuan Zang has a complicated life story.

wheattuserige.ga: Customer reviews: Disciples of the Wind (Legends West Book 1)

His father Chen Guanrui passed the civil service examination as the first place winner, and was appointed a governor of Jiangzhou. Prime Minister's daughter Wenjiao was looking for a husband found Chen Guanrui the ideal candidate. They wed and traveled to Jiangzhou, together with his mother. The mother got ill and had to be left behind at an inn while she was recouping. Already pregnant with Xuan Zang, Wenjiao chose to live to give birth to the baby. At his birth, God of South Pole told Wenjiao that the baby was destined to a great fame, and she should live to see her husband again.

The imposter governor Liu tried to kill the new-born Xuan Zang. Wenjiao wrote their life story on a cloth with blood, tied the baby and cloth to a piece of plunk, and floated down the river. The baby was discovered by the abbot of the Jinshan Temple, and reared as a Buddhist monk. When 18, Xuan Zang asked the abbot about his identity. The abbot showed him the cloth on which his mother wrote with her blood. Xuan Zang went to see Wenjiao.

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On her bidding, he went looking for his paternal grandmother who had been left behind at an inn 18 years ago. Xuan Zang found her as a blind beggar. Xuan Zang healed her blindness by praying to Buddha and licking her eyes. He, then, went to his maternal grandfather, Prime Minister, and told what had happened.

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Prime Minister told the emperor, who sent a 60, strong army to punish the imposter. The imposter Liu was executed. Chen Guanrui 's body floated up to the surface of the Jiang River.

Chen Guanrui had once bought a golden carp, and released in a river. This carp was God of the Underworld Yama in disguise.

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Yama repaid Chen Guanru's merciful deed by sending him back to life. Chen Guanrui became the governor of Jiangzhou. Xuan Zang returned to the Jinshan Temple to study further. Wenjiao, glad to have been reunited with her husband and son but ashamed of herself for the years she had lived as the imposter Liu's wife, later took her own life. Chapter 8. Could you not read Mahayana scriptures?

The best you can do with it is educating the public through your virtue. I have the Mahayana scriptures which can save the dead from the Hell, lead the anguished out of their suffering into the state of bliss, and let them transcend the life and death. A watchman alerted the emperor of the intruders. Guanyin and Hui An were arrested and brought in front of the emperor.

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5. Jesus Heals the Man of the Tombs (Matthew 8:28-34; Mark 5:1-20)

Guayin explained that she knew Mahayana which could save the dead from the Hell, lead the anguished out of suffering into the state of bliss, and let people live forever. The emperor asked her where he could find the Mahayana scriptures. Guanyin replied they were in India with Lord Buddha.

When the emperor asked her to recite the scriptures from memory, she revealed her true form and flew away on a cloud, accompanied by Hui An. Enthralled by this divine manifestation, the emperor decided that someone had to go to India to obtain the Mahayana scriptures. Xuan Zang volunteered and departed the same day.

So Gunyin, disguised as an old peasant woman, gave Xuan Zang a magic metal head band hidden in a stylish cap. The band would shrink and stretch according to incantations. Wu Kong was happy to wear the stylish cap. When Xuan Zang shrunk the band by incantation, the pain caused the band was so great that Wu Kong tore away the cap but the band remained on his head.

Mark and John: A Wedding at Cana—Whose and Where?

Wu Kong is always depicted in pictures wearing a golden ring around his head. As Wu Kong could not remove the band on his own, and since Xuan Zang promised he would remove the band once he reached India, Wu Kong had no choice but to obey Xuan Zang. As Xuan Zang and his disciples were doing the pilgrimage to atone their sins, their progress was not to be easy. Xuan Zang needed to go through eighty one sufferings to atone his sins. Xuan Zhang, therefore, repeatedly encountered greedy priests who tried to steal his fabulous robe a gift from Lord Buddha himself and evil demons that wished to capture and eat him, for his flesh was believed to give demons huge power boost and extreme longevity.

Wu Kong and his fellow disciples spent fourteen years on the road, fighting many battles against ferocious demons, using a variety of magic weapons and spells, with occasional help from Guanyin when things got too tough. Though these battles make great visual presentations, we skip the details since they do not translate well in words.

Here it is enough to say that through the arduous pilgrimage, Xuan Zang and his disciples gradually cultivated their inner virtue. Arriving in India, they attained the rank of Buddhist deities and Wu Kong was released form the headband. Having earned Mahayana Buddhism's magical power, Xuan Zang flew back to China on a cloud to spread the Mahayana teaching.

The story ends with a Buddhist chant, extolling the virtue of Mahayana. The Journey to the West tries to persuade that Lord Buddha is mightier than Laozi, but that Buddhist deities and Daoist deities can peacefully co-exist as friends. This seems to indicate some discomfort Buddhists felt in the face of overwhelming prevalence of indigenous Daoism. The Journey to the West also introduces popular Daoist cosmology.

Myths & Legends of Tea, Volume 1

In its opening, this novel cites a poem that describes how the world started. Before Chaos parted, Heaven and Earth were mingled,.

Formless and timeless, something no one had seen.