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See our disclaimer. Specifications Publisher Dymaxicon. Customer Reviews. Write a review. Ask a question. Pricing policy About our prices. We're committed to providing low prices every day, on everything. Many still consider it one of the best video game series that is still enjoyable to this day. Long before the Wii brought casual games to consoles and mobile devices kick started a new era of pick-up-and-play and socially driven titles for gamers and non-gamers alike, there were puzzle games.

Of all the classic video game genres, puzzle games are among the most classic,Whether you prefer a hardcore match-three session, brain teasers or just a five minute distraction on your morning commute, this genre has something for everyone. So put aside your prescription from Dr.

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Mario, and embrace some of the finest puzzling experiences you can find in this Stage of the retro VGM revival hour. Edge - Romain Gauthier - "Kakkoi!

Platformers are ,for many gamers, the first introduction into the world of video games. Many of them have existed since the inception of arcades, home consoles, portable devices or even the home Personal Computer. Certainly, there are many Iconic game titles we can turn to when we're looking for some old-school gaming enjoyment but lets not ignore the new generation of titles that were influenced by those old school favorites, which is why this episode of the retro VGM revival hour is dedicated to Platform games.

Jazz Jackrabbit - Robert A. S Gold - Sega Genesis Playing amazing games anywhere we want is the goal of any gamer but as much as the hardware might change or upgrade, its the games that we look forward to everytime we dig into our suitcases, book bags or even fanny packs. An experience that could only be amplified by the great music these games have is why this episode of the retro VGM revival hour is dedicated to Handheld game music.

Shine and Mr. You've gotten through our last wave of stages, but now it's time to confront yet another wave of big bad bosses! We've selected some of the biggest, toughest challenges from video games of then and now, and have rounded them up to put on the toughest battles this show has seen yet! Make sure you've saved your progress, stocked up on plenty of Energy Tanks, potions, weapons, and everything you need, because our special host Robert Menes is about to take you on an epic rumble with the biggest boss battles ever! Super Mario Bros. Ninjas: The stealthy, deadly assassins that have captured our imaginations worldwide since they emerged from Japanese history and folklore to find their way into popular culture.

Their involvement in video games have allowed gamers the ability to step into the world of a ninja and experience the life of a skilled martial artist. Taking control of a ninja and actually performing all of the incredible feats yourself in video game form, of course. These video games allow the fans to simulate their hopes and dreams on the field, ring or stadium and are very popular as a result. And what better way to enjoy your favorite sport games than with some amazing tracks.

Gold - Sega Genesis 4. Gold - Sega Genesis Centered around link, a green capped hero of Hyrule who must must save Princess Zelda and defeat the Evil wizard Ganon. The series' gameplay incorporates elements of action, adventure, puzzle solving and exploration. The 3rd Generation era of video games brings back very fond memories to many retro gamers. To many Gamers in north america The third generation sometimes referred to as the 8-bit era began on October 18, with the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System , and later in June of about nine months after the NES debut the Sega Master System.

This generation marked the end of the North American video game crash. Now many console gamers may not know the name "LucasArts", although some of their titles have come to consoles. But LucasArts is much more known in the realm of computer gaming, as many of their titles have been released on a plethora of home computer platforms. LucasArts continued to publish and develop many games until , when their parent company Lucasfilm was purchased by Disney.

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In , LucasArts sadly let go of their internal development teams, and now exists solely as a license holder. However, in spite of this, many of their classic titles are available on services such as Steam and GOG. Now, for this episode, I will make mention that LucasArts used a special music engine for many of their games called iMUSE, which allowed for dynamic music; music tracks could seamlessly segue-way into one another to best fit the mood.

Some of the tracks featured will demonstrate iMUSE in action. Make sure your DOS box has enough free RAM and you have your copy protection codes ready, because we're about to go on a time warp of amazing LucasArts music! However, only a select few are best played during Halloween. As a result, horror based games provide not only chills, but bring great memories that amplify the enjoyment of this particular day even more-so.

Traditionally, Halloween festivities include trick-or-treating, Horror movie marathons, and costume parties, but when it comes to The retro VGM Revival Hour, This year, like every year, Its about getting yourself ready to get you in the mood to celebrate this holiday the only way I know how: Video Game Music.

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Hard to believe it has been 30 years since we were first told "our princess is in another castle. Super mario bros. Mario Bros. New Super Mario Bros. Today marks 20 year anniversary of the Sony PlayStation and For any product in this vast and unpredictable world of gaming to last that long is undeniably quite an achievement. The sony Playstation made its mark in the video game industry and continues to entertain gamers world wide through its various iterations. Twisted Metal - Chuck E. Opening and Title screen themes set the mood for the entire game.

So put that controller down and be amazed on how awesome these themes can be. Run N' Gun games are some of the most intense, exciting, and just plain difficult games out there. So have your spread shot ready and lets go with guns blazing!